we only use products with the healthiest blends of ingredients

arrojo is an award-winning professional hair-care line, formulated by nick arrojo, his master stylists, and a team of chemists. arrojo provides hair solutions with safe, natural ingredients to cleanse, condition, style, and finish your hair.
kms california
kms california offers a wide variety of products to help you personalize your hair experience and achieve the look that you want.
goldwell permanent color line features intense, durable colors that will last long and give you the brilliance and shine that you are looking for. goldwell also offers an assortment of cleansing, conditioning, and styling products to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

halo hair extensions
The Halo... no clips, no clue, no tape! Using a patent pending miracle wire, the Halo hair extensions add volume and length to your hair in seconds, to give you the hair you deserve!